Location Curation

Location Curation is a newly coined term used to describe a cohort of similar Twitter projects in which different people are nominated as curators of a specific location. As the term suggests, it is more about a geographical location and not necessarily about a particular country, with such projects as PeopleofLeeds and MunichLovesU.

However, the general trend is now transcending even its bound-to-a-location principle, resulting in projects that are focused more on ethnicity and cultural identity. So far the perfect and only example of such a project is BasquesAbroad, which is set “to promote the Basque culture and national identity within the English speaking world”.

Why Twitter?

Just like Facebook, Twitter is yet another social networking service, however, it stands out quite boldly from the rest. Restricted to only 140 characters per message (aka tweet), Twitter provides a fascinating agility to update and share content, enabling you to engage with your followers in real time. Anyone in the world can follow @WeAreUkraine and the network’s global reach means that your tweets can travel all over the world. The network is also very powerful in terms of engaging followers in a dialogue.


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