Who We Are

Unlike the Curators of Sweden project, which is an official state-authorized campaign to let every citizen of Sweden tweet on behalf of the whole nation, we are an unofficial program which aims to afford UA citizens and residents the opportunity to present Ukraine through the diversity of mindsets, experiences, views and opinions the country actually consists of.

Since Location Curation has proved to be a tremendous success, sparking media waves on a global scale, other counties have taken the initiative to create similar programs for their citizens, and so have we.

We are still not sure about the viability of this project in Ukraine, as we are a non-English speaking third-world country with few people who understand the concept of Twitter:-) However, the situation is changing with more and more people becoming proficient in English and discovering the all-mighty tweeting community every year. We are hopeful that we’ll succeed in promoting this project, which will attract a great many of interesting people who’d be desperate to be nominated as a curator of WeAreUkraine.

As things are still up in the air, the ethical guidelines and nomination rules are subject to change, so stay tuned for updates.



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