Hello world, we are thrilled to see you here!

Welcome to the WeAreUkraine project, the place where every English-speaking Ukrainian, whether home or abroad, can get the right to speak on behalf of this beautiful country!

Inspired by the Curators of Sweden campaign – probably the most amazing democratic Twitter account – we are doing the same in Ukraine!

The idea is that each week a new person in Ukraine takes over the helm of the @WeAreUkraine Twitter account and shares with the world their opinions,  ideas, impressions, stories, pictures – whatever they like.

In the era of increasing globalization, every single country creates its own image in the multiple eyes of the outside world. Given the fact that the existing international image of Ukraine may not be a spectacular view of strong economy, social security and democracy, this project offers a unique opportunity to generate global awareness of the status quo of life in the orient of Europe.

We do not expect your tweets to be exclusively about Ukraine. You’ll be given carte blanche in terms of how you’re going to  tweet your week through as a volunteer for this project. However, there are some ground rules you will have to follow to participate in this Location Curation project.

In order for this project to take off in Ukraine, we’re letting everyone who currently resides here (not necessarily a Ukrainian citizen) to be nominated as a curator.

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